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I have used quite a number of property managers in the past and JR Landing is the best one. They leased my properties quickly within about a week and achieved strong rents that are higher than market. They look after and maintain my properties really well and arrange repairs at good prices. They are friendly, easy to deal with and their service has been excellent.

Andrew L.

JR Landing has been looking after a few of my properties in different suburbs. They are the experts in the suburbs and always update the market rent to me. They always communicate with me even for minor repairs. They also get the better rate for the repairs. One of my properties needed lots of repairs before leasing out and they helped me with the whole process. They are very hands on and trustworthy. I will recommend JR Landing to all of my friends.

Jia G.

We initially rented an apartment through JR Landing and then bought our 1st dream home through Justin Ruan. We were given the same time, respect and care irrespective of whether we were a tenant or a buyer. Their team are humble, professional and absolutely responsible when handling clients’ needs and wants.

By Annie Wong