Landlord Services


1. JR Landing has a highly experienced team of bi-lingual property specialists fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese equipped to service enquiries from Sydney’s growing Australian-Asian community.

2. Long-term relations and frequent contact with tradespeople means that our team are able to negotiate more attractive rates when works need to be done.

3. By providing regular inspections and condition reports we can make ongoing maintenance recommendations and manage all maintenance and repair requirements to ensure that your property is properly looked after.

4. We offer a proxy service to absentee (and local) owners who cannot attend Annual General Meetings. Our property manager can attend the meetings and vote according to the owner’s instructions.

5. Our ZERO TOLERANCE Policy for Late Rent Payments ensures that owners always receive their rent promptly. We also disburse.

6. Our in-house registered tax accountant and finance advisor offer complimentary advice and provide owners with a second opinion.

Our full service property management package is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your property is being taken care of.


Our vacancy rate is less than 1%

Our tenants stay on average for 2 years

Our properties area leased 12 days faster than the market average

Our rents are above market average