Tenant Services


The Leasing Process

Step 1: Open Home is Conducted

Generally on Wednesday or Saturday. An inspection is conducted for potential clients to view the property and ask questions. If the property is currently tenanted, we must give the current tenant(s) no less than 7 day notice prior to entering their premises

 Step 2: Application Checks

Applications are processed and given to the landlord for approval. Applications are done online through 1Form and must be completed by each individual housemate.

Step 3: Holding Deposit Paid

Once a tenant has been chosen, the leasing officer will secure the approved tenant by asking for a holding deposit payment which equals one-week rent and goes towards the first weeks rent.

Once a holding deposit has been received we will notify other clients that the property has been taken, the property will not be taken offline until the new tenant has signed a lease agreement and moved in.



Using the 1FORM ONLINE APPLICATION makes an easy, technical and trouble free way for our clients to apply for their new home.

Using our JR LANDING WEBSITE and referring to the RENT tab/box, choose the property you like to apply for, then click on the Apply for this property icon. This will take you to the web address. Fill in all blank fields to the best of your ability and upload your supporting documents.  



Ideally the following:

  • Photo ID – passport (40 points) or proof of age card (30 points) or current drivers licence (40 points)

Proof of rental history or home ownership:

  • Tenancy history (ledger) – ask your previous agent
  • OR council rate notice
  • OR last four rental receipts if renting through private landlord

Proof of income:

  • 2 most recent payslips
  • Last two months bank statements
  • OR self-employed – ABN registration and an accountant letter

Please aim to have a completed application for each housemate/tenant with all supporting documents to us by close of business the same day, as here at JR Landing we tend to get answers very quickly.

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