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Targeted Marketing. Accurate Pricing. Transparent Process. Its how our agents reach more buyers and tenants for your property. And it’s how we deliver outstanding and expected results on-time.


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We are people-focused, providing high quality concierge-level services across all aspects of the property market. We listen, we hear, we understand. Our background in property valuation ensures our price guides are accurate and transparent.


Latest News

    How to attract professional Tenants

    Firstly, are Tenants who hold down professional jobs better than other types of Tenants?  Not always!  But – one of the key elements to finding a good Tenant is a person who has the capacity to pay the rent – on time, all the time.  Someone who earns more will generally be a person who can afford to pay their rent. Professionals will usually be more selective in the ...

    Are Granny Flats a good idea?

    The population is ageing, and retirement accommodation is becoming increasingly expensive. This combination of factors has led to a resurgence in granny flats around Australia.  But are they a good idea, and will one work for you – not just now, but will it contribute to your return on investment? After all – it’s good enough for the Royals.  It is reported that the...