Landscaping on a Budget

Landscaping on a Budget

There is no doubt that everyone is attracted to a beautiful garden and this can add value to your home when renting it.  Contrary to popular belief, landscaping doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  There are plenty of things that you can do that add interest and impact to a garden without draining your bank balance.

Before you go rushing off to your local nursery – take a look at your close friends and neighbour’s gardens.  If they have plants that are growing well – there is a good chance that you may have the same soil conditions and that these plants will grow well in your garden too.  Better still – hit them up for a few cuttings!

You don’t have to be an expert to grow beautiful plants from cuttings.  Some plants that are easy to grow are:

  • Most native plants
  • Most succulents
  • Azaleas
  • Camelias
  • Impatiens
  • Hibiscus

Succulents are particularly good for Tenanted properties – they are super-hardy and make a very attractive ground cover.  They also come in a variety of colours ranging from silver green to dark purple and some are quite beautiful when they flower.  You could try planting different coloured and textured succulents in patterns to create even more interest.

Gardens don’t have to be traditional to be attractive either.  You can make a stunning garden bed by filling it with different coloured stones and rocks.  This is particularly good under large trees where shade makes it difficult to grow other kinds of plants.  Dark wood pavers over rocks or stones creates a very modern and contemporary look and is perfect for small backyards or in areas where the soil is not that good for growing plants.

If you have a fence that is looking a little worse for wear, why not consider a hedge?  Hedges can hide a multitude of sins and add real impact to a garden.  Most hedging plants also grow well from cuttings, so this can help your budget even further.  In comparison to flowering plants, hedges are also relatively low maintenance and suit tenanted properties very well.

Buying small plants in bulk and planting them together can not only save you money but also be an excellent way of creating a colourful focal point for your garden. 

And lastly – don’t overlook interesting objects that you find on your travels.  Flower beds can be edged with all manner of items from old glass bottles to tiles, recycled timber and even old bricks that you might have left over from a previous renovation.  Keep a lookout on your travels and walks too, a beautiful piece of driftwood could make an excellent addition to your garden!