At JR Landing, we have Zero Tolerance for rent arrears!

Below is our arrears policy:

  • Arrears between 2 & 7 days tenants will receive a reminder email / SMS
  • Arrears between 7 & 13 days tenants will receive a breach letter via email
  • Arrears of 14 days and over tenants will receive a “Notice Of Termination”
  • Depending on your rent payment history, your Property Manager may visit you or invite you to our office to understand your situation.
  • The landlord/agent may apply for a termination order on the basis that you have also 'frequently failed' to pay the rent. The Tribunal may terminate your tenancy even if you have paid all the rent owing.

These notices are marked on the tenants rent ledger therefore we encourage our tenants to avoid this as it will affect their rental history.




  • 逾期 2-7天,您会收到逾期交租通知(邮件形式或短信)
  • 逾期 7-13天,您会收到逾期交租通知 及 违约通知(邮件形式或短信)
  • 逾期 14天,您会收到租约终止通知(邮件形式或短信)
  • 逾期交租期间,您的住房经理会打电话催租,如果您的电话长时间无法接通,依情况,住房经理可能会打电话给您的紧急联络人。
  • 若您经常不按时支付房租,您的住房经理理有权 向法庭或法院提起诉讼。在听审时,住房经理可以针对逾期房租申请具有法律约束效益的裁决。在严重的情况下,住房经理可以申请终止租赁。如果庭审判决终止您的租赁,您则需要搬离房屋及赔偿后续的损失。